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Whenever you either create or edit a FAQ entry now, there are tools along the top of the editing window to make the job of formatting much easier. These can be seen in this image:

Here is a brief description of the buttons and their uses:
First two insert heading styles in two font sizes.

H4 is larger, unbolded type with a horizontal line,

H5 is bold font.

Next one inserts the HTML code for a paragraph, giving two line feeds.

Next is a link insert button, which opens a small window into which you can type or copy the URL you want to include.

Next are BOLD, Italics, Strikethrough, Superscript and Subscript.

Next are the buttons for inserting a table, a table row, and a table definition ... saves you from having to type all those codes over and over.

Next, Unordered List, Ordered List, and Line insert for your lists. (Bulleted lists)

Next is Blockquote, which indents a paragraph or segment of text. This section is blockquoted.

The Code button allows the input of HTML or other coding without it being treated as such by the browser, and Comment is much the same, starts the line with an exclamation point and hypens to mark the following text as comment.

Close Tags is a quick way to enter closings for all the tags you have used, such as paragraph, font and table tags. Note that you may also type a section of text, higlight it, and then click on the format button you want to use. This will open and close the tags for that section of text.

The best way to get familiar with these new tools is to experiment.

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