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Figuring out who the mafia is is the largest part of the game, gumshoe. Here are some hints to finding members of the mafia:

Mafia members like to add their vote on top of others (typically they try to avoid voting first or last so as to not draw attention). This is called bandwagoning. Some people believe the third and fourth votes on a bandwagon are the most suspect.

Mafia members are wishy-washy in their voting, but then again some people are wishy-washy regardless of their role.

Mafia members sometimes make mistakes. Keep a close eye out for statements like we killed the serial killer (if the SK was hit by the mafia) A pro-town player would say they killed the serial killer

Beware of people who seem to have too much inside information. I am suspicious when someone says they are sure so and so is pro-town. To be sure they either have to be the cop or mafia.

Comments on night actions often come from mafia. Either they congratulate the doctor on a job well done or they complain about how losing the cop is so bad for the town.

Mafia will draw false logical conclusions, use a WIFOM argument, or ask for extensive explanations, feign not understanding what is going on, or play a gambit (this is my favorite thing to do when I am mafia).

Although mafia sometimes do vote against one another, watching who is voting together often will net you a mafia member or two.

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last modified: 2007-09-30 19:25:31