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Shirts is typically a three player game where there is an "attribute" assigned to each player. The attribute is arbitrary and typically used by the game Mod in the intro text.

In a three player game the roles are as follows.

Each player knows their own attribute. This might be the color of their hat.

One player is given the role of a sane witness. This player player knows the killers attribute (i.e. the killer wore a green hat)
One player is given the role of a delusional witness. This player thinks he knows the killers attribute, but in fact knows the sane witnesses' attribute.
The third is the mafia, and knows his/her own attribute.


Optimally this is a 2 phase game, phase one being the claiming, phase two being the swing vote.

Like a Dethy game, claiming is key. A reasonably played game will result in one witness and the mafia trying to swing the third players vote.

A first vote by the mafia is poor play as it will allow one of the witnesses to vindicate themselves by not hammering the vote.

Common Mistakes

Given the game starts out in a Lyol (Lynch or lose), an informed vote is crucial. (see strategy)

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