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Wikipedia defines DVD authoring as

DVD authoring describes the process of creating a DVD video that can be played on a DVD player. DVD authoring software must conform to the specifications set by the DVD Forum group in 1995. The specifications are complicated due to the number of companies that were involved in creating them.

The actual layout of the files on the medium and the operations that have to be undertaken to produce a 'playable' DVD (starting with already MPEG2-coded footage) are far too intricate - and beyond the scope of this article - to be explained here, and, indeed, worlds apart from the simple process of CD-audio authoring.

Strictly speaking, DVD authoring is a separate process from MPEG encoding, but most modern DVD authoring software has a built-in encoder (though separate encoders are still used when better quality or finer control over compression settings is required).

Most authoring applications are for video DVDs only; they do not support the creation of DVD-Audio discs.

Our 2008 Member Choice DVD Creation poll results are here.

Nero Vision remains at the top of the pile with 29% (63/217) of the votes.

Coming in a distant second was "Nothing" with 9.2% (20/217) of the votes.

Roxio Easy Media Creator takes third place with 8.2% (18/217) of the votes.

In fourth is "Other" with 7.3% (16/217) of the votes.

Taking fifth place is Tmpgenc DVD Author with 5.5% (12/217) of the votes.

Rounding up the top 10 in order are:

6) Windows DVD Maker (Vista) (4.6%)
7) Adobe Premiere Elements (3.6%)
8) Ulead DVD Movie Factory (3.6%)
9) Adobe Encore (3.2%)
10) Sony DVD Architect (Part of Sony Vegas) (3.2%)

The other programs falling below the top 10 are (in alphabetical order):

Apple DVD Studio Pro
Apple iDVD
Arcsoft Showbiz DVD
Cyberlink PowerProducer
Dazzle DVD Complete
DVD Maestro
GEAR Video
Magix Movies on CD-DVD
Mediachance DVD-lab PRO
Mediachance DVD-lab
Roxio MyDVD Studio
Sonic DVD Producer/DVDit
Sonic Scenarist
Ulead DVD Workshop 2
Ulead VideoStudio
WinDVD Creator

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