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This service is currently provided by RCN via Giganews mainly for light use. If you want more thoroughput than that which is included with your RCN subscription, you can sign up for a paid plan from Giganews.com, forteinc.com/apn and others.

Host name: news.rcn.com
(the server does not require a secure [SSL] connection and uses on the standard port 119)

Login Method: No login is required. (server looks at your IP address to insure you are on the RCN network.)

Maximum number of connections: 2

Note that when posting to newsgroups/usenet, your posting is public.
It is suggested to not use your real email address, because some bad people harvest those addresses and use or sell them for spamming.

This was compiled from info posted on this thread: »[Newsgroups] Does RCN provide newsgroup servers?

NOTE: Now Discontinued

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