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If you are getting stalls when using your PC before your new ADSL line has been activated, your new internal card (if any) could be attempting to talk to the network (which is not yet configured for you), and while it does this, your PC may freeze. The solution is to remove the drivers for the card and/or the card itself, until the ADSL line is activated by the Telco, then re-install from scratch.

If your PC is freezing regularly, and you are on PPPoE, your computer may be looking around for a DHCP server that does not exist. Check the following: (Windows)

  • Open Control Panel

  • Open Network and Sharing Center

  • Look for "acces type: Internet", that is associated with a hardware ethernet card (ignore dialup, AOL and VPN type bindings).

  • Select it and press PROPERTIES


  • Is OBTAIN AN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY checked? if so, change that to USE THE FOLLOWING IP ADDRESS and enter, and, into IP address and subnet mask fields respectively.
    This assignment of a harmless local IP address to the TCP/IP settings bound (connected) to your network adapter, will stop the built-in DHCP services from waking up every 10 minutes to look for a DHCP server so that it can "fill in the blanks".
    Be aware that if you set the IP to manual and then sometime in the future want to use DHCP (eg, Cable HSI for example) you may have problems obtaining an IP address which may result in the following: "invalid ip address".

    In most cases, you will have to do a netsh int ip reset C:\reset.txt in XP, reinstall tcp/ip in Windows 9.x+2000, or at worst cases do a reinstall of the OS.

  • Select the GATEWAY tab. Enter into New Gateway field and click on Add. Click OK.

  • Close all windows and restart the PC.

Also see this thread: Internet freezes momentarily while surfing.

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