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In thunderbird, go: tools-> account settings
•under e-mail address "someone"
•go->server settings : at "server Name" : port 995
•user name put "someone"
•server settings below, make sure use secure connection (ssl) is checked.

For sending e-mail : go: tools-> account settings->outgoing server (smtp)
•server name:
•port 25 (note, if port 25 does not work, try using 587 instead)
•use name and password-> checked
•user name "someone"
•use secure connection : TLS

It will ask you for your password the first time, you can leave it like that, or use the optional remember password.

If you still have trouble sending email after following the above instructions, your Anti-Virus scanner may be to blame. Try disabling it temporarily. Many Anti-Virus scanners do not work at all with secure connections, while others require different settings. Contact your Anti-Virus provider to see if there are workarounds, patches, or updated versions to enable scanning of outgoing secure email.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you - 5 minutes, and your guidelines have made it possible for me to capture my sympatico account into Thunderbird. Next, I'm going to set aside a moring and a pot of coffee, and import the last 8 years of Eudora into Thunderbird. Thanks again,

    2010-05-02 11:50:30

  • What are the settings to get thunderbird to work with email

    2010-02-23 15:51:34

  • Solution worked perfectly (and yes I needed the port 587 alternate). Thanks so much for putting the effort into researching and posting ... a shame sympatico tech support didn't provide TBird support directly on their web site (I noticed that they did for every incarnation of a Microsoft email product ... :P Anyway - thanks. Worked perfectly.

    2010-01-10 11:36:14

  • I too had problems sending mail w/ Thunderbird through server Eventually got around it by using server on port 25 with no secure connection.

    2009-08-27 20:56:49

  • I just bought a new laptop and downloaded Thunderbird, hoping that the Sympatico issues were fixed. It used to work for me, then I started having problems with the outgoing mail so I had been using outlook (not good - it doesn't even have a spam filter). The above advice worked, so thanks! (port 25, TLS). I can't remember Thunderbird ever being that easy to set up with Sympatico email accounts (grrr Bell). Peace, Jen.

    2009-08-09 13:38:26

  • This is good - the TLS instead of SSL secure connection setting. Thanks a lot!

    2009-07-07 12:57:55

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