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The 2008 Anti-Virus Member Poll is now completed. This year, the two top Anti-Virus programs of choice were once again both free programs.

AVG has retained the number one place with 122 (24.3%) votes, followed by the also popular AVAST! with 88 (17.5%) votes. Both offer free for home use and paid commercial versions, but most people indicated that they use the free versions.

Also popular and coming up behind AVG and AVAST! were:

NOD32 with 66 (13.1%) votes
NAV/SAV with 51 (10.1%) votes
AntiVir/Avira with 33 (6.5%) votes
KAV with 32 (6.3%) votes
McAfee with 22 (4.3%) votes

There were also 5 (0.9%) votes for the choice of running with no Anti-virus, which is a slight drop from last year.

As always, our voters kindly gave their informed and interesting opinions on their Anti-Virus of choice. If you are looking for an Anti-Virus program, it is highly recommended to read their opinions to get a feel for why each Anti-Virus works for them.

Update (8/08) Editing to add one caveat... when this poll was taken, AVG was version 7.x and has since been upgraded to version 8.x There have been numerous reports of people either having problems or not liking the new AVG' features (slow surfing with ant-phishing link checking for one). So adding this info to for you to decide if the results from then are now passe.

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