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This years poll once again proves that published reports on market share are not indicative of the favored browser of the BroadbandReports.com membership. Mozilla Firefox clearly stands alone in the results, garnering a 53% majority of users participating.

So what makes Firefox so appealing to users? Some cite the feature set included in the latest version, most notably the improved tab browsing, built-in spell checker, session restore and search features. Others speak of the plethora of Add-Ons available to provide increased functionality and customization of the application. Certainly one of the main reasons is the security inherent with the browser with features such as phishing protection and the ability to quickly clear any private data used during the browsing experience.

Other notable changes from the previous poll was a significant drop in those who choose Opera and a notable increase in those now using Safari which has been recently been ported for use on the Microsoft Windows platform.

The table below represents the vote totals of this years poll.
Browser PlatformTotal Votes% of total
Mozilla Firefox37253.5%
Windows Internet Explorer14721.1%
Other - includes Omniweb, Avant, Maxthon101.4%

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