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We once again turned to Wikipedia for our definition:

Media player is a term typically used to describe computer software for playing back multimedia files.
Most software media players support an array of media formats, including both audio and video files.
Some media players focus only on audio or video and are known as audio players and video players respectively.
The producers of these players usually focus on providing a better user experience as they are specifically tailored toward the media type.

Here's our 2008 Member Choice POLL results

Microsoft Windows comes with pre-loaded Windows Media Player. The latest is Windows Media Player 11, which is bundled with Windows Vista, and available as a download for Windows XP SP2.

Mac OS X comes pre-loaded with Quicktime Player for playing Quicktime movies and iTunes for playing a
variety of media formats.

Linux distributions come pre-loaded with various media players including VLC, MPlayer, xine, and Totem.

Noting that this definition is refined by variables like your operating system and various Multimedia formats we ran our 2008 Multiple Choice Poll.

The results show an average 2.2 players are being used when you divide the number of votes by the number of participants.

The single top Media Player vote at 16.9% went to
Windows Media Player 11

Placing second at 14.7% is the cross Operating System VLC Media Player.

One single vote kept WinAmp in 3rd. Place at 10.1% just slightly nudging out 4th Place Media Player Classic which captured 10% of the votes.

Two of the bigger chart climbers were the 5th. & 6th. place holders
iTunes & Quicktime Player which could be attributed to Apple's dominance in the portable player arena with Ipods and introduction of the iPhone and ties to the iTunes Store.

Topping out the "other" write in choices that garnered 3% of this year's votes was clearly KMPlayer.

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