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A Fair Price for Internet isn't Science Fiction, it's TekSavvy. Visit our site and make the switch! »www.teksavvy.com/



We believe in doing what?s right. For our customers. For our business. For our TekSavvy team. That means treating people as we would want to be treated. Fairly. Honestly. With respect and consideration. That means offering a great service at a fair price.

We believe doing what?s right is the best business strategy of all. It is simple, effective and transparent. It doesn?t require phony rules. Or marketing tricks. Or contracts to lock customers in. Each member of our team can make quick and effective decisions to do what?s right for our customers. That?s how we have built TekSavvy and will continue to do so.

We believe people are tired of the usual corporate monopolies. They shouldn't feel their only choice is the best of the worst. We believe it's time for an alternative, one that advocates for consumers and earns their trust and their business. We believe in candor. We believe in integrity. We believe in working to improve the industry. Most of all, we believe in offering Canadians a better choice and a better deal.

We?re Different.
In A Good Way.


Company Overview

»www.teksavvy.com/ TekSavvy Solutions Inc. believes in doing the right thing. For our customers. For our business. For our employees. We do this by treating people the way we would want to be treated. With honesty, respect and consideration.

From our phone offerings to our Internet services, we believe Canadians should enjoy great access, at a fair price. Consumers want an alternative to unfair restrictions and fees imposed by monopolies. We are that alternative.

Our business practices are fair, effective and transparent. We believe in candor and integrity. And we believe that doing what?s right is the best business strategy of all.



At TekSavvy, you don't get just an Internet Service Provider (ISP); you get an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that cares. We know you need choice, you need an alternative to the big guys, and you need to know at the end of the day we'll take care of you no matter what. We are committed to giving our customers the best internet service and the best phone service possible. In fact, we pride ourselves on that: on being able to give you more than you thought possible, all for a fair price, with great service, and with no contracts and no hidden fees.

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