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As seen in this post by molasseskat See Profile : »Qwest with Windows live - setting up Thunderbird

Settings used for Qwest/Windows Live with Thunderbird (as of 01/19/2008):

User name = xxx@q.com
Server name: pop3.live.com
port 995
Use secure connection: SSL
do NOT check "use secure authentication"

Server name: smtp.live.com
port 25
User name = xxx@q.com
Use secure connection: TLS if available

Additional information provided by NormanS See Profile (2/1/2008):

Incoming ports for POP3 email protocol:
port 110 (insecure)
port 995 (SSL)

Incoming ports for IMAP4 protocol:
port 143 (insecure)
port 993 (SSL)

Outgoing ports for SMTP message submission:
port 25 (security optional, depending upon server configuration; originally intended for message transfer.)
port 465 (SSL)
port 587 (TLS, if supported by the message submission server.)

NOTE: Not all services offer all ports, protocols, or security (except the secure ports requiring SSL: 465, 993, and 995).

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