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From January 4th to January 18th The Software Forum posted a poll to collect information to decide which pop-up blocker program/browser was the favorite of the members of BBR. Since they have now began to incorporate pop-up blockers as one of their features, browsers were included in the list. As pop-ups have become more brazen, some users have found they have need to use both their browser and a stand alone program to combat the intrusions so the poll was multiple choice.

453 total votes were cast from 282 members. Once again, Mozilla Firefox (28.6%) won hands down with 130 votes and Internet Explorer (6 or 7) took second place with 75 votes and 16.5% of the pie. Adblock, (Freeware) came in third with 62 votes(13.6%) replacing Google Toolbar (27 votes, 5.9%), last year's third place winner and who, incidentally, snagged the 4th spot this year. There were 6 brave souls(1.3%) that chose "None".

The rest are, as follows, in alphabetical order:

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