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Motorola 2210-02-1006 Modem
Note: This FAQ entry is from a post Thanks Airwolf7 See Profile.

Instructions for configuring a BellSouth supplied Motorola/Netopia 2210 to "Bridged Ethernet" Mode. Bridged Ethernet Mode is the preferred way to configure a Motorola 2210 when utilizing another router in the network. Despite what a help desk tech tells you, resetting the modem does not put it into Bridged Mode. If you put the 2210 in bridged mode, you will need a PPPoE client in order to connect to the internet. You can use RasPPPoE, the native PPPoE client on Windows XP, or a router with PPPoE capabilities. Most of the popular third party routers already have a specific FAQ on how to set them up with the 2210. Simply search the BellSouth FAQs for your manufacturer/model. Be sure to annote your username, password, and any custom settings you currently have. Important Note: You will unable to access the 2210's interface if using bridged mode in conjunction with another router. Click here for more details.

Motorola 2210 Bridged Ethernet Configuration

Step 1
Make sure power is completely removed from the 2210 and the computer. Connect the 2210 directly to the NIC and power up the modem only. Wait until it is completely finished its startup and press the reset button on the back of the modem for ten to fifteen seconds. Wait until it is completely finished its restart, then power up the PC.

Step 2
Open a browser session and enter "" in the address field to access the 2210's interface. If you are unable to access the interface check here and make sure your NIC is set to "Obtain an IP address automatically". This may require you to reboot the computer (or release/renew) to obtain a new IP.

Step 3
Enter your BellSouth Username followed by "@bellsouth.net" in the User ID field. Enter your BellSouth Password in the Password field. Re-enter your BellSouth Password in the Confirm Password field. Click on Next. Update the Auto Calender Update Configuration as desired and click Next. The modem will try to initiate a session and then return to the main menu.

Step 4
Click on Broadband DSL Line from the top menu. Click on Configure Connection from the right menu. Select "Bridged Ethernet" from the Protocol pull down. Click Save and restart the connection at the bottom. This will automatically restart the modem and the interface will return after the changes are saved. Note: functions like NAT, DHCP, IP Passthrough, and username and password will be disabled or irrelevant and can not be selected.

Click for full size

Step 5
After the modem has restarted your 2210 is now in "Bridged Ethernet" mode and is ready to work properly with another router or PPPoE client from the computer. The WAN IP will now be assigned to the WAN Port of the router or NIC connected to the 2210.

Cool Stuff
An online, html-based menu simulator program is available here. The simulator recreates the Motorola 2210 user interface and provides the ability to navigate menus; just like the real modem interface. It is for simulation purposes only and will not make any changes to your actual modem.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • AT&T Said they cannot help me put my DSL Motorola Modem 2210 into bridge mode ,Linksys said I need to contact my Internet provider so I did but AT&T would not help me, It ticks me off that providers wont give you a DSL ONLY Or Cable Modem ONLY device anymore.

    2013-05-24 13:56:29

  • Another issue I ran into is that on your router, you have to clone the MAC address of the modem. However, many times the MAC address on the modem is in decimal (base 10) form and needs to be converted into hex (base 16) on the router. For example, if the MAC address on the modem is 002493868121 (00:24:93:86:81:21) then the hex conversion is 00185D565115 (or 00:18:5D:56:51:15). Here is a decimal to hex converter: http://easycalculation.com/decimal-converter.php. Each router is different in how it can clone a MAC address, so you have to look it up for your specific router.

    2012-11-07 08:12:46

  • On some version, you click the second broadband tab, then you get a button on the right that says "Configure Connection". You must click that first in order to see what is in the screenshot above.

    2012-04-06 00:22:42

  • There are several different models of the Motorola 2210. This works for some but not all of them. In particular, Internet consensus seems to be that the 2210-02-1ATT (jet black modem) can NOT be reset into bridged mode. If this is false I'd love to find out how to do it. - Bax Ramspott

    2012-02-22 18:46:48

  • Setting my Motorola 2210 fails at step three of the instructions for bridging. The 'main menu' never shows up where I can change the setting to bridge mode. Tony Williams skywest@bellsouth.net

    2010-06-03 11:00:42

  • You helped me a great deal. Thanks. Jeff. jeffridder@gmail.com

    2010-02-09 16:04:58

  • u will need the password and the user id ready in order to reconnecct to the internet after setting your modem to bridged mode.

    2009-07-09 11:27:42

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