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By default the DHCP server on the motorola 2210 is on and your computer would be slapped with the ip When you are connected, the public ip is on the modem and not the PC which is probably why it does not respond.

Try this:

  • Open the motorola config page using in the browser

  • Click on Advanced>>Connection Configuration. if it asks you for the Modem Access Code, it's the 10 digit number on the yellow sticker at the bottom of the modem.

  • On the Connection Configuration page change the Connection Type to Smart Keepalive and under LAN settings select YES, Use public IP address and click Save Settings.

  • Might prompt you to restart the modem, so do it.

  • Once the modem is back on and you have the first four LEDs green, open the DOS command prompt on your PC and do an IPCONFIG.

If your computer's IP address now starts with a number between 60-79 or even 99 and all settings on your PC are set to allow DHCP echo reply then it should work. Cheers!

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