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Recently, a poll, was conducted in the software forum to determine the Encryption and password protection software of choice.

Wikipedia, defines encryption as "the process of transforming information (referred to as plaintext) using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. The result of the process is encrypted information (in cryptography, referred to as ciphertext). In many contexts, the word encryption also implicitly refers to the reverse process, decryption (e.g. software for encryption can typically also perform decryption), to make the encrypted information readable again. Encryption has long been used by militaries and governments to facilitate secret communication.
Encryption is now used in protecting information within many kinds of civilian systems, such as computers, networks (e.g. the Internet e-commerce), mobile telephones, wireless microphones, wireless intercom systems, Bluetooth devices and bank automatic teller machines.

The most preferred software was Private Disk Light, with second place going to the paper notebook or napkin and in third place was KeePass Password Safe.

Rounding out the top ten in order were: TrueCrypt, Windows Privacy Tools, Password Safe , AxCrypt, GnuPGP, and WinRAR.

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