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You can configure the Motorola 2210 without the installation CD. The install CD contains various applications that are not required (and some people consider bloatware). Important Note: This procedure is for existing accounts or new accounts that already have an assigned username and password. If you have a new account and have not registered or been provided a username and password, please click here.

Step 1
Make sure your NIC is set to "Obtain an IP address automatically". Connect the 2210 directly to the PC's NIC with a straight thru CAT5 cable and power up the modem and then the computer. Press the reset button for 10 seconds on the back of the modem.

Step 2
Open a browser session and enter "" in the address field. Enter your BellSouth Username followed by "@bellsouth.net" in the User ID field. Enter your BellSouth Password in the Password field. Re-enter your BellSouth Password in the Confirm Password field. Click on Next. Update the Auto Calender Update Configuration as desired and click Next. The modem will try to initiate a session and then return to the main menu. If you get a connection error message make sure your username and password are correct and click Connect again.

Additional Information
You can configure your 2210's connection to be "Always On". Click here for details.

Andy Houtz

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