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To join one of these groups contact the Host/Moderator of the respective group forum e.g. contact jazzman916 See Profile, Host/Moderator of the AT&T Southeast Forum to join the AT&T Southeast-NC line monitor group.

Important information:
A very important factor is the way you setup the account. Even if you have a static IP, you must create the account as a dynamic IP. You have to check the dynamic box and enter your static IP. For security and privacy, BBR uses a cookie feature so that if you are logged in, only you can see your static IP graph. But for those that are not logged in, the graph is not visible, it will appear broken. So setting the graph to a dynamic IP will allow everyone to see the graph while the IP will remain hidden. If you have a static IP you do not need to run a DDNS client. Just set the monitor for "dynamic" and then type in your IP address in the "monitor this static address" box.

The following are the current Line Monitoring groups providing the free monitoring service:

Contact lev See Profile to join the following groups:
AT&T Illinois
AT&T Indiana
AT&T Michigan
AT&T Wisconsin
AT&T Ohio
Chicago Area

Contact lilhurricane See Profile to join the following groups:
Tri-State Monitors
SE Forum Monitors
NoCal Line Monitors
RCN Line Monitors
Atlanta Line Monitors
Insight Line Monitors
Canadian Line Monitoring
TD Cruncher Monitors
DFW Line Monitors

Contact jazzman916 See Profile to join the following groups:
AT&T Southeast 9 State Region
AT&T Southeast-AL
AT&T Southeast-KY
AT&T Southeast-TN
AT&T Southeast-SC
AT&T Southeast-NC
AT&T Southeast-GA
AT&T Southeast-FL
AT&T Southeast-MS
AT&T Southeast-LA

Contact fourboxers See Profile to join the following groups:

Contact sashwa See Profile to join the following groups:
Earthlink DSL
Boston aka New England
Frontier Commications
Verizon DSL
Verizon Fiber Optics

Contact sortofageek See Profile to join the following groups:
Comcast HSI in Arkansas
Comcast HSI in California
Comcast HSI in Colorado
Comcast HSI in Connecticut
Comcast HSI in Florida
Comcast HSI in Georgia
Comcast HSI in Illinois
Comcast HSI in Indiana
Comcast HSI in Massachusetts
Comcast HSI in Michigan
Comcast HSI in Minnesota
Comcast HSI in New Hampshire
Comcast HSI in New Jersey
Comcast HSI in New Mexico
Comcast HSI in Oregon
Comcast HSI in Pennsylvania
Comcast HSI in Tennessee
Comcast HSI in Texas
Comcast HSI in Utah
Comcast HSI in Vermont
Comcast HSI in Washington D. C.
Comcast HSI in Washington State
And if your Comcast State is not represented contact sortofageek See Profile to set one up.

Contact Lex Luthor See Profile to join the following group:
Optimum Online

Contact Flippant See Profile to join the following groups:
ATT Southwest Region
Texas Gulf Coast Region

Contact skj See Profile to join the following groups:
AT&T West
AT&T U-verse

Contact seagreen See Profile to join the following group:
Southern California regional

Contact dbmaven See Profile to join the following RoadRunner groups:
New York Metro/New Jersey
Southern California
Triad (Carolinas)
Upstate NY

Contact Axilla See Profile to join the following group:
Central WI

Contact redxii See Profile if you want to join this Suddenlink group.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I'd like to know how to start a line monitoring group. I live in Montana our DSL is really crappy and sometimes up/down 3-4 times in a week.

    2014-08-13 11:21:05

  • Looking for Comcast - Mississippi group....

    2013-01-08 11:33:48 (whamel See Profile)

  • Contact [user=redxii] if you want to join this SuddenLink Group Monitor

    2011-04-29 14:49:37 (sortofageek See Profile)

  • Those wanting to join a Comcast HSI group will find the updated list here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,17281150

    2010-08-15 13:09:21 (sortofageek See Profile)

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