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Modem Settings
The modem's lan IP is subnet mask with no known option for changing it
On the modem's PPP Location page select PPP is on the modem
On the Connection Configuration page
Enter your username and password
Select Always attempt to connect for the connection type
Select the option of Yes, use the public IP address
Save and restart the modem to use the changes
The modem's lan DHCP server can be set to issue the public IP address or 1 private IP address that address is subnet mask

NOTE: is a private IP address that uses NAT / NAPT
The modem will perform NAT / NAPT for more computers using a switch the other computers will need the TCP/IP info manually assigned.

Router Settings
The routers WAN/Internet connection type needs to be set for DHCP or dynamic IP
If your routers lan subnet is it has to be changed
The routers LAN IP address should be subnet mask
You can choose your own lan IP subnet for the routers lan just avoid using that's the modem's subnet.

Explanation of why there is no access to the modem's GUI if a router initiates the PPPoE session. requested by Zappa2000 See Profile

Think of the PPPoE session as a pipe, you put stuff in one end and it comes out the other end. If your router is doing the PPPoE it is one end of the pipe, the other end of the PPPoE pipe is at a att ASI Redback. Any attempt from your LAN to reach the modem's IP address emerge from the PPPoE pipe at the att end of the pipe. The modem never gets the request.

When the modem initiates the PPPoE session it can see and reply to requests to its IP address because the PPPoE session is created inside the modem.

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  • Do you need to update software versions: I have a Motorola 2210-02 which has a software version 7.8.7r30. Were do you find new software and how do you recommend updating the software?

    2013-07-01 15:12:00

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