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In many cases, non-Optimum Online SMTP servers are blocked. This is a measure meant to reduce the ability of infected PCs on the CV network from sending massive amounts of spam email (see Optimum customer service- "Port 25 and Optimum Online").

There are a few workarounds:

    • Business Optimum does not have this restriction, and Boost subscribers can remove the restriction freely.
    • You can use SMTP over a nonstandard port (465, 587), if you provider offers the option.
    • If your provider offers STMP secured by SSL, that works too.
    • Outlook (and other email applications) will allow you to use the Optimum Online SMTP server (and your Optimum I.D.) if there is no other way to get outgoing email working. This will allow you to use a desktop email client and emails will still appear to come from the non-OOL email. Unfortunately, this has drawbacks- messages sent via this message will (usually) not be saved in the "Sent Mail" folder on the server.
    • In a worst case scenario, you might have to use webmail instead.

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