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Q. Help! The Actiontec router is no good at (fill in the blank) because its (fill in the blank) just doesn't (fill in the blank).

A. First, determine how you are getting data to the Actiontec. Look at the indicator lights on the front panel. Coax WAN or Ethernet WAN will be lit. That's your data source.

Or you can log in to the Actiontec, click on My Network icon, click on Network Connections menu item. Then see which Broadband Connection is connected. If it says Broadband Connection (Ethernet), you already have a ethernet connection to the ONT. If it shows Broadband Connection (coax), then proceed. If your connection is PPPoE, then "WAN PPPOE" is through ethernet, and "WAN PPPOE2" is through coax.

Q. My data source is Broadband Connection (Coax). What do I need to do?

A. Run cat5 wire, or cat5e or cat6 (all will work) properly terminated between the router and the ONT.

Release the DHCP lease, then power off the Actiontec. Plug one end of the cat5 cable into the RJ45 jack on the ONT, and the other end into the WAN ethernet port on the Actiontec.

Call the FSC at 888-553-1555, navigate through the menus to get to tech support. Tell the rep "I want to have the internet connection from my ONT to the Actiontec router changed from the coax connection to the ethernet connection. I understand that is something you can do without additional charge to me because the wire is already in place. Can you do that for me now, please?"

When FSC does that, and says it is done, power up the Actiontec and let it complete the bootup sequence. You should see lights on the router indicating the Ethernet WAN is selected. If the Coax WAN light is lit, ask if the changeover is complete. Otherwise, you should have an internet connection.

Alternatively, you can post your request in the Verizon Direct forum. If you connect the cat5 cable from the ONT to the Actiontec ahead of requesting the change, there will be only a momentary interruption in service when the change is made. The Actiontec will auto-detect the change and come up on the Broadband ethernet interface.

In either case, verify by logging in to the Actiontec and viewing the Connections page as detailed above.

Q. My data source is Broadband Connection (Ethernet). Now what?

A. You should take the time now to verify proper operation of the internet, including speed tests. Don't proceed unless you are satisfied with your wired connection. If you have FiOS TV, verify that the STBs are receiving Program Guide data and VOD.

When the Actiontec is working as you expect, you are ready to proceed with putting your own router into service. Depending on your circumstances, you would choose from:

Replacing the Actiontec (part 2): Internet only, no TV

Replacing the Actiontec (part 3): WAN-to-LAN keeps Guide and VOD (easier)

Replacing the Actiontec (part 4): LAN-to-LAN keeps MediaShare DVR

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