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Q. I have internet service only, no TV. Can I replace the Actiontec completely?

A. Yes. Its a straightforward process. Until more MoCA-connected devices are available on the market, you will need an Ethernet connection for your replacement router. See Replacing the Actiontec (part 1): Coax to Ethernet for details.

Your choice of what router to buy will be based on what you need to do with it. Browse the forums here and elsewhere to narrow your search, but keep in mind that it must be powerful enough to support the throughput of your service, and have a large enough connection table for your applications. Here's a link to Router Charts at smallnetbuilder that compares LAN to WAN Throughput, with ability to select comparisons in other tests. I picked a D-Link DIR-655 because it appeared to be top-of-the-line when I purchased it. But in electronics, there's always something better tomorrow. Other hardware may be more suitable for gaming and other interests.

Once youve verified your broadband data connection on the Actiontec is Ethernet, youre ready to replace the Actiontec.

Short version: Release the WAN IP, power off Actiontec, connect your replacement router, turn it on and configure.

Longer version: follow these steps.

1. Important: Release the WAN IP on the Actiontec before turning it off. Log on to Actiontec, click on My Network icon, then select Network Connections item. Click on Broadband Connection (Ethernet) in the table to see the properties for your WAN port. Write down the MAC address for the ethernet WAN port, you may need it later. Scroll down and click Settings. Click the Release button and your internet light on the Actiontec will go orange.

2. Power off the Actiontec.

3. Unplug the ethernet from the Actiontec WAN port and plug it in to the WAN port on your new router. Connect your PC to a LAN port on your new router, turn it on and reboot your PC. When the router settles down, verify its status lights, including internet connectivity.

In the rare circumstance you do not get internet, you may have a MAC bound IP. You can call FSC and ask them to break the lease, or you can leave the router powered off for 2 hours then try again, or you can clone the Actiontec router MAC address into your new one.

4. Log in to your new router to verify and change any settings. Make sure you change your router password off the default value.

5. Your new router should indicate internet connectivity. Start your browser, verify internet connectivity by browsing to your default page: of course.

Run a speed test. If you have already tweaked your PC, you should be getting everything you asked for. That's why I had you connect wired. Keep it simple before you go more complicated.

Tada! Done.

With thanks to More Fiber See Profile for assistance.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Excellent, worked perfectly when replacing this Actiontec with an identical one.

    2015-03-08 15:56:59

  • Worked like a charm. Hooked up my Airport Extreme without cloning the MAC. Smooth 5GHz n without any of those NAT disconnects!!

    2014-06-01 11:29:39

  • There should probably be a note in here that this setup is also valid for people who have FiOS TV service, but are using an STB other than Verizon's; eg, a TiVo or an HTPC using a tuner card.

    2014-03-06 10:33:46

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