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This is the proper way to set all Speedstream 4100, 4200 plus 5100 and 5200 Router/Modems to Bridge Mode. There is one exception and that is the Windstream "Walled Garden" 4200 (Formerly Alltel, Valor 4200 with 2008 Walled Garden Firmware) read the Windstream FAQ for details.

Thanks to the Sympatico Forum FAQ:

»Bell Canada Internet FAQ »How do I change into bridged mode on the 4200?

This modem does not have an explicit option to switch to bridge mode. Instead, it automatically detects what method you're trying to use.

1. With the modem on, simply press and hold the reset button for four seconds (until the Pwr LED starts to blink alternating between red and green) to clear the user name and password from the modem.

2. If you are not using a Router, then create a new connection as described here for Windows XP or use RASPPPoE with Windows 9x/ME/2000.

3. If you are using a Router, connect the Router between your computer and the modem and configure the Router with your Username and Password.

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