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Making Arrangements For Our Pets:

Disasters, like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods dont just affect you -- they also affect your pets. And your pets depend on you for their safety. There are many ways to be "Pet Prepared," but you must think ahead and start planning NOW. Your local Humane Society or your veterinarian can help you. During a disaster, if you see an injured or stranded animal that needs help, contact your local animal control officer or animal shelter. Remember, even if you dont have to evacuate, your pet may be stressed or upset and will need extra attention.

Have a Pet Evacuation Kit:

•Miami-Dade PHEC (Pet-Friendly Hurricane Evacuation Center) eligibility form in .pdf »www.miamidade.gov/oem/library/el···eria.pdf

The Palm Beach Post (Palm Beach & Martin): »www.palmbeachpost.com/storm/cont···ers.html

The Humane Society of Louisiana »www.humanela.org/hurricanepreparedness.htm

SPCA of Central Florida: »www.ohs-spca.org/FAST.htm


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