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This problem is quite common and is not a big issue. Congestion on the Net is the cause, which will fluctuate throughout the day/night.

If it is a consistent finding, run a Line Quality Test and look for slow, bogged-down servers (red & yellow warnings).

The most important thing is speed. If your speeds are fine, then don't be concerned with this.

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  • Gracias. la velocidad es buena y gracias por la ayuda que brindan, muy Ăștil

    2014-10-19 18:37:52

  • Great test thanks

    2012-02-06 13:59:50

  • very helpful, Thank You.

    2011-09-01 14:42:32

  • Thanks very much for your service.

    2011-08-20 12:22:22

  • Test works great..used the recomendations and Improved speed and Quality..thx

    2011-07-27 02:57:19 (SlowFreddy See Profile)

  • excellent site. have been using for years, both at home and when configuring others set ups

    2011-06-18 17:30:56

  • thank you! I am not pc literate but this was quite simple to identify any problems :)

    2011-06-02 15:52:24

  • Thank you. Good information I will try to use.

    2010-11-13 16:12:13

  • pretty good :)

    2010-09-09 22:02:47 (vinicius See Profile)

  • Pretty cool! Thanks for the test.

    2010-07-20 15:29:45

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