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Here are the 5 Golden Rules of the RCN Forum:

This is a technical forum, first & foremost.

We assist members with technical issues as courteously and quickly as possible..so if your question is not answered right away, please be patient.

Please see these links regarding getting assistance: Getting Official Help and How to Get Noticed
Please utilize the "Hey Mods" link on the bottom of any post for anything requiring Mod attention.

Questions designed to get around your ToS/AUP will be locked, moved or summarily deleted.

    •Good manners are really very important. Rude requests, unwarranted criticism of anothers efforts, or generally being a jerk will not get you what you want. It will get you ignored. If you're going to be rude, please do it elsewhere.

    Do not "hijack" someone else's help thread by jumping in -- start your own thread.
    Do not "wake up" a topic in the forum, over 2 weeks old. Better to start a new thread.

    •Getting help is a service we offer. Please do not abuse it. Keep your issues to one thread for best assistance and so as not to duplicate member efforts. Give enough information. Give a little time for a reply.

    This is not the appropriate forum to post about or inquire about service from other providers.
    Please see our complete forums listing here for further assistance

    "Please" and "thank you" may seem like old fashioned concepts, but we like them

    •Sales are handled thru the 1-800-RING-RCN contact numbers.

    •The member helpers, much like the moderators on this site, are unpaid. Even though they don't make money from it, they do it to be helpful, and for their own enjoyment. A polite request goes much further than commands and demands.

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    last modified: 2013-03-03 23:59:03