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Since you are new to TiVo, some tips:

(1) Enable 30s skip on the |-> button. To do that, enter "Select - Play - Select - 3 - 0 - Select" while watching a recording. To disable 30s skip, enter the same sequence again.

(2) Skip to tick. To skip to the next "tick" in a recorded program, press the |-> button while fast forwarding or rewinding.

(3) Swap tuners. To swap tuners, press the LiveTV button. You can also pause one channel, press the LiveTV button to switch to the other tuner, and then switch back to resume from where you paused.

(4) Remove the channels you don't receive and don't want from Messages & Settings -> Settings -> Channels -> Channels List. Unchecked channels will be removed from the guide. Wishlists and Suggestions won't record from channels you remove.

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You can also mark your favorites. Once you do that, press ENTER while in the guide to select your favorites lineup.

(5) Press |-> while in the guide to skip forward a day. The replay button will move back a day. Note this feature requires the latest software.

(6) From the TiVo Central screen (press the "TiVo" button to get there), press the following keys to jump to their respective functions:

1 = Season Pass Manager
2 = To Do List
3 = Search Using Wishlists
4 = Search by Title
5 = Browse by Channel
6 = Browse by Time
7 = Record Time/Channel
8 = TiVo's Suggestions
9 = Showcases

(7) The TiVo has a remote code that will take you directly to the Now Playing List (recordings), but it isn't on the standard TiVo remote. If you have a universal remote like a Harmony, you can set a button to take you directly to the Now Playing screen (list), bypassing the Tivo menu.

(8) Enable folder "groups" by hitting the ENTER button on the Now Playing list. With groups, your recorded list will look like this:

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(9) Prioritize your series recordings under Find Programs -> Season Passes (or just press '1' from TiVo Central).

The season pass priority list determines what two programs are recorded in the event of a three-way conflict. If three programs conflict, the TiVo will record the first two and look for a repeat showing of the third program. It is best to stick ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC series at the top of your priority list, because those don't typically repeat. Stick cable programs that repeat at the bottom of your list.

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Be sure to set the record options for each season pass and wishlist:

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(10) Create wishlists using to automatically record your favorite topics, pro & college sports, regardless of date, time, and channel, and have them organized into their own folder. You can use boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. Below are some examples:

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Auto-record wishlists created using Find Programs -> Wishlists will be organized into their own folders, as seen in the Now Playing screenshot in tip #8. They will also appear on your Season Pass list, so you can set the priority, number of recordings to keep, whether to start recording early or late, etc.

(11) If you want to create a manual repeating recording like a VCR, you can do that under Find Programs -> Record by Time or Channel -> Manual Recording.

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As with any other repeating recording, you set its priority under the Season Pass list. You can also set other options, such as number of recordings to keep.

(12) You can disable TiVo "boop" sounds or change the volume under Messages & Settings -> Settings -> Sounds.

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