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It depends on which 4200 that you have (the 5200 can be setup either way, but the Bridge/Router Mode under Section A is considered the best since it does not require a reset later):

[A] The older/original 4200 and all 5200 versions. Follow the steps in the FAQ link below:

»Efficient Networks Forum FAQ »How do I change into Bridged Mode on the 4100/4200?

[B] The new "Walled Garden" 4200 (Firmware Part #:004-D241-A83) that stores your Username/Password remotely. You have to change it manually into Bridge Mode using the page link below to the 4200 Web GUI as the earlier reset procedure no longer works.


There is no need in either case to have to alter the settings in the 4200/5200 for the WAN Virtual Circuit settings as the Modem is by default a Bridge-Router.

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