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snowkilts See Profile had this problem, reported it, and then resolved it, "In case anybody else runs into the same problem, the fix is to go into the router configuration (on this router the address is as follows : ADVANCED tab, FIREWALL SETTINGS screen, and then under APPLICATION LEVEL GATEWAY CONFIGURATION, uncheck the box next to RTSP, scroll back to the top of the screen and save the settings."

This affects/affected DIR-625 and Real Player, DIR-615 and DIR-625 and Windows Media Player. With RTSP enabled, Real Player says "connecting" until it times out with a network error. In effect, "having the box checked blocks this protocol." Unchecking the RTSP ALG box allowed the communication to pass through the device properly.

Thanks to njrichie See Profile for relating this fix to WMP and DIR-615.

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by funchords See Profile
last modified: 2008-12-20 14:02:04