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A personal firewall is a software application used to protect a single Internet connected computer from intruders or in some cases also control applications from connecting to the internet.
More information on two types of firewalls can be found on Wikipedia here for network firewalls and here for personal firewalls.
For those who have Security related questions concerning firewalls, please visit the Security Forum here at DSLR.
For software related questions not answered by this FAQ, please visit the Software Forum at DSLR.

These are the results of the Software Forum's Member Choice Personal Firewall Poll 2009:
»[POLL] Firewalls - 2009 Member Choice

The top vote getter in this years poll was Router with software firewall.
Rounding out the top ten from #2 to #10 are as follows;
Comodo with 36 votes,
Windows XP Firewall with 35 votes,
ZoneAlarm with 29 votes, Router Only with 29 votes (a tie with ZA), Windows Vista firewall with 28 votes, Online Armor with 22 votes, IPTables (Linux/Unix built in) with 20 votes, Kerio 2.1.5 (unsupported) with 13 votes, Outpost with 10 votes.
The entire list from 1 through 46 can be found at »[POLL] Firewalls - 2009 Member Choice

As a side note, an interesting result in the poll is that the number of people using no firewall at all has dropped from 1.5% to 0.8%.

There were a total of 263 participants casting a total of 459 votes.

I'd like to thank the members who voted in this poll, whose input can be invaluable to those looking for answers in FAQ and the Moderators who asked for and provide help and guidance in making this poll possible.

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