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This post summarizes the results of the 2009 Backup & Imaging Program Poll conducted in March, 2009.

The programs listed in the poll were designed to provide the computer user with a "fall back" to use in the event that recovery of file information is warranted. The purpose of this poll was to solicit user feedback on their favorite program. If a particular software was not listed in the poll, participants were requested to check the other box and specify that unlisted program.

The Results: (193) members placed a total of (290) votes. There were several posts in which participants indicated that they were using more than one program which accounts for the disparity in the number of voters and the total votes received.

Top vote recipient in this poll with 41.7% of the total votes was Acronis True Image. It should be noted that several users noted that were using an earlier release version.

This was followed by Ghost (5.1%), Karen's Replicator (4.4%), DriveImage XML (4.1%), Paragon Drive Backup (3.7%), SyncBackSE (3.1%), Partimage [Linux] (2.7%), ShadowProtect (2.4%), and Windows Backup and Restore [Vista] (2.0%).

Software receiving 1.7% each of the votes were Cobian Backup and Terabyte Image.

Software receiving 1% or less of the vote included HDClone, Genie Backup Manager, EMC Retrospect, NTI Shadow, Windows NT Backup, Windows Live Onecare, Time Machine [Mac], Backup4all, SuperDuper! [Mac], Synk Standard Backup [Mac], Roxio BackOnTrack, File Backup Watcher, Comodo Backup, Handy Backup, Intego Personal Backup [Mac], JaBack, Carbon Copy Cloner [Mac], Backup Magic, PC Backup, and NovaBackup.

7.2% of the votes were cast for other programs. In many of the cases this vote included one of the programs listed above and another unlisted program/s. Several voters listed Windows Home Server. Also mentioned in the other category were GoodSync, Powerquest Drive Image, PING [Linux], Clonezilla, DSynchronize, Mozy, Microsoft SyncToy, DriveSnapshot, and Returnil.

3.4% of the participants stated that did not use any Backup or Imaging software.

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