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The DSLR member choice for Utility Suites for 2009 can be found here

What is a Utility Suite? ... as defined by Wiki

Utility software (also known as service program, service routine, tool, or utility routine) is computer software designed to help manage and tune the computer hardware, operating system or application software by performing a single task or a small range of tasks. Utility software has long been integrated into most major operating systems.

In total we had 238 users select their choice of software, specific to software available to them in 2009 and cast some 386 votes on their choices of software they prefer for their computers.

The selection produced the following results this year, listed in order of popularity for the top 5.

CCleaner with 137 votes (35.4%)
TuneUp Utilities 2009 with 59 votes (15.2%)
None at all with 31 votes (8%)
Glary Utilities with 25 votes (6.4%)
Windows Utilities with 19 votes (4.9%)

Note: The 6th place holder of Other may have influenced the top 5, being as the poll being specific to this years software, some used TuneUp Utilities earlier versions, but could not vote for it specifically.
Also there are many other choices of software in the poll, that may catch your eye.

Also if you have come via search from sites like Google, Live, Yahoo etc, feel free to look through the Software Forum and ask any questions you may have. There is a keen user-base willing to help those with questions, and you may find that they started at the same place and experienced similar issues to yourself .

*I'd like to also take the opportunity to thank all those members who took the time to vote, the mods and other users whom helped me in my first Poll.

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