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"Interleaving" is an error correction protocol that is implemented on your line at the DSLAM and is used when your line is put on a "Noise Profile".

With Interleaving enabled, the DSLAM can correct errors in the data stream it receives before passing that data to your gateway router. It is usually implemented on noisy or marginal lines and can greatly increase sync stability and effectively eliminate "first hop" packet loss. The largest drawback to Interleaving is that it will increase your ping time, specifically to your first hop gateway router.

Noise profiles are provisioned automatically from the DSLAM without human intervention when line quality drops below certain perimeters. The BellSouth DSG can also manually add or remove customers from a Noise Profile.

Important note and helpful hint (despite what you think or want): You are on a noise profile for a reason! There is a physical issue between your modem and the DSLAM. Do not request to be manually removed from the noise profile unless the physical issue (on your side or BellSouths) has been resolved completely and your line stats are sufficient to handle the change. Otherwise you will have connectivity issue...which is the whole reason you were put on a noise profile to begin with. You can isolate where the physical issue is by pulling your modem stats from the NID. The other option is to have a field tech check the stats/wiring, but you may be charged if the issue is on your side of the NID.

Click here to see if your line is Interleaved.

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