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This Section

These employees are authorized to represent Comcast on BBR's forum:

Network related (confirmation from jlivingood See Profile:

jlivingood See Profile

ctg1701a See Profile

ccneteng See Profile 

jjmb See Profile 

NetDog See Profile 

CSRs authorized for Comcast Direct forum

ComcastRios See Profile

ComcastMel See Profile

ComcastPete See Profile

*A forum supported by both DSLR and Comcast is available to get assistance from Comcast's Customer Connect team: Comcast Direct

*sortofanote: It is my understanding other Comcast employees are not discouraged by the company to post here, but it is just that these named members do have access to the national system and are the ones authorized to use the Comcast system to help people who post here. We all still very much appreciate everyone who does their best to help subscribers who post on this site. sortofageek See Profile

May 3, 2013 Update: Expect change which may affect Comcast support for members of this site. See comments by ComcastLarry See Profile in this topic ---> »Direct forums abandoned?

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