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Wikipeida: "A newsreader is an application program that reads articles on Usenet (generally known as newsgroup), either directly from the news server's disks or via the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP).

There are several different types of newsreaders, depending on the type of service the user needs whether intended primarily for discussion or for downloading files posted to the alt.binaries hierarchy. Although Usenet originally started as a message board without any file attachment ability, many Usenet users today do not participate in NNTP discussion groups and only use Newsgroups for downloading files such as music, movies, software and games."

Here's our 2009 Member Choice POLL

This year GrabIT earned the 1st position in newsgroup readers beating last years 1st place winner Forte Agent and 2nd place winner NewsLeecher. GrabIT had a total of 39 votes, 6 votes higher then the 2nd place winner Forte Agent. The TOP six Usenet readers were as follows (in order of vote count from highest to lowest):

Forte Agent

Not included in the original POLL, XanaNews had received one vote in the comments of the POLL.

This years multiple choice POLL had 214 participants with a total of 294 total votes indicating that many members are using multiple Newsgroup Readers.

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