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Some programs are transmitted from the content provider with a copy protection bit enabled on certain programs. FIOS only pass through this copy-protection bit. It does not arbitrarily set it.
Whether or not you can record content with this bit set depends on the device and how it is connected.

    TIVO-HD allows transferring programs to your PC, except if the copy protection bit is enabled.

    DVD Recorders can record content where the copy protection bit is not set.
    If the copy protection bit is set, some DVD recorders can record protected content if an analog (RF, composite, S-video) output from the Verizon STB is used.
    With some DVD recorders, if the HDMI output is active while trying to record copy protected content it won't record.

    The Hauppauge HD-PVR (PC-based HD recorder) will essentially "ignore" any copy protection since it is connected to a STB via component cables which doesn't transmit the copy protection bit. It also doesn't seem to care if the HDMI output is active or not.

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