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If you are unable to establish a connection between the router and the ONT, or if you are unable to release a DHCP lease, rebooting the ONT may solve the problem.
    •Disconnect the AC from the Power Supply Unit (PSU).
    •Remove one lead from the battery in the Battery Backup Unit (BBU).
    •Wait one minute.
    •Reconnect the battery lead.
    •Reconnect AC to the PSU.

When the ONT is rebooted all the alarm logs are erased, so if you are having an intermittent issue, do not reboot the ONT before getting in touch with a Verzion CSR. If it is the ONT that is causing an issue, there will be no history of the ONT's activity.

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Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I'm afraid this doesn't work anymore for recent ONTs. I just moved back to my house and ordered FIOS again. The Verizon technician did replace the ONT. Now, I have 2 AirPort Extreme base stations. One is 5th generation, the other one is 2nd generation. I mistakenly put the 2nd generation one as the router. So, I wanted to switch them. I first disconnected the ONT for 1 minute as prescribed above. Didn't work. the 5th generation would not get an IP address from Verizon. Reconnected the 2nd generation and it got one right away. I then powered down everything again as prescribed in the above steps (removed the battery, disconnected the AC). This time, I waited well over 5 minutes. Same result.

    2013-05-07 13:13:14

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