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Windows Vista has a built in PPPoE client. This eliminates the needs to load a third party client (Enternet300, RAS, etc) on to your computer if you do not use a modem or router with a PPPoE client. Use the following steps to configure a PPPoE connection using the native Windows Vista client:

    • Click on Start and then Control Panel.
    • Click on Network and Internet icon.
    • Click on Network and Sharing Center icon.
    • Click on Setup a connection or network on the left task pane.
    • Click Connect to the Internet and click Next.
    • Select Broadband (PPPoE).
    • Enter your User name (followed by the domain) and Password.
    • Create a Connection Name to identify this specific connection.
    • Select Allow other people to use this connection if you want all users that use the PC to access this connection.
    • Click Connect.
    • You should get a confirmation if you have successfully established a connection. If you do not get the confirmation make sure your username and password are correct. The entry for the username must include the domain (i.e.

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