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The bell 2wire 2701HG-G modem has a page with the modems dsl line statistics
It's a text only page but it has the line statistics and other info
Is the url for this page if the default ip address has not been changed
Save the page to your desktop as a text file posting the contents of the entire page is not needed
Scroll down the page looking for a section of text like this

The text above is only part of the line stats

There is other info at the bottom of the page
Below is a example of what to look for its the last 15 lines of text at the bottom of the page
Each of the numbers is a maximum attainable sync rate figure checked at 5 minute intervals
The modem will record up to about 5 days of samples if the modem is not rebooted.
You can find the current download sync rate using the twdsm.rate_net_ds = figure

Statistics for the upstream are near the top of the page
You'll need to multiply the figure displayed by 4000 for actual rates

For the upstream sync rate look for this text:

For the maximum attainable upstream sync rate look for this text:

The output power levels are also in the top area
Look for this text:

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  • Can you connect with on teksavvy ?

    2012-02-09 18:21:16

  • Today my 2701HG-G Gateway from Bell got a nice new (from what I can tell, is and always was BSD based) firmware update (Now at version, and this url is no longer available. Might need to update this FAQ. Cheers o/

    2012-01-14 06:18:23

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