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Millenicom is a company formed in June 1998 that began as a sort of "reseller" or "go-between" for dial-up users. They had access to the networks of many of the largest dial-up ISP's of the day, so as to offer "redundant" service to their customers. From the beginning they have offered 24-hour customer support for their users in multiple forms.

Nowadays, they offer mobile broadband through the Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless networks using the 1xEVDO, or simply EVDO, standard. To access these networks, they send customers "air cards", which are a type of USB modem, that access the wireless cellular network of your respective carrier and carry data, or simply the Internet as you know it. (Learn more about EVDO, aka Evolution-Data Optimized, at »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution-···ptimized)

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