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Millenicom offers 3 EVDO packages. Note that all packages have NO contract. Millenicom has a page on all their 3G offerings, see »

Standard 5-gig Mobile Broadband @ $59.99/month: This is EVDO broadband offered via the Verizon network depending on which provider gives you better coverage. You are allotted 5-gigs of bandwidth per month. If you go over, Millenicom has the right to terminate your service. The modem (Pantech UM175) is provided and must be returned upon closing the account.

10-gig account with Verizon. If you buy the modem (Pantech UM175) at initial sign-up for $99.99, you will be upgraded to the 10-gig per month package.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband @ $69.99/month: This is only available for the Sprint and T-Mobile (HSDPA) networks, and are supported/activated by Simple Mobility. Verizon does NOT have unlimited service. This is EVDO mobile broadband without the 5-gig limit.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) @ $69.99/month: Like the conventional Unlimited package, this is only for the Sprint network. This is EVDO mobile broadband without the 5-gig limit. The difference is that you are allowed to bring your own Sprint-compatible air-card for use on the service.

Any device that is compatible with the Sprint network is allowed on the BYOD Plan - including a MiFi.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Note that only 3G devices can be used on the BYOD plan. No cell phones, 3g/4g or 4g only devices. The unlimited plan used to provide a CDU-680 modem, but after replacing one, they will no longer replace it, and I have to buy a Sierra 598U or BYOD.

    2010-11-28 12:53:17

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