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  • Is FAHSPY Still Around?
Yes, it's still around! You can find it Here.

It's Version 2.0 now 12/21/09

FahSpy key features:

* information on current work unit (WU): project number, run, clone, gen
* status of client (working, stopped, has unsent completed units, cannot reach client folder)
* percent of current WU completed
* preferrable term of completion and deadline for current WU
* core name
* amount of points for current WU
* prediction for the time of completion of current WU
* estimated points per hour and per day
* operating with services on local and remote PC. Note! "F@H service name" should be specified in folder settings. (sc.exe utility from Windows XP Professional and higher required. However, you may copy it to your Windows 2000/XP Home folder)
* information on possible client setup and computing errors
* color log viewer and client configuration editor. Also FAHlog-Prev.txt viewer available
* CPU usage indicator
* "Predicted" column highlighting if target date/time limit is after preferred/deadline date
* ... and many other useful things.

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