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There are 3 software versions for the 2210
The first software version is 7.7.3r5 part number 2210-02-1002
The second software version is 7.7.3r7 part number 2210-02-1006
The third software version is 7.7.5r8 part number 2210-02-1022
The first software version is the 13 state (sbc/att) version
The second software version is the 9 state (bellsouth/att) version
The third software version is the 22 state version

Single computer setup
You should bypass the easy login page and go to the connection configuration page to make the changes to the default settings. Any settings not mentioned should remain at the defaults.
The default for the PPP location page is PPP is on the modem
Go to the connection configuration page
Enter your username and password
Change the connection type to always attempt to connect
The default for the lan dhcp server is a private ip address with a 24 hour lease and nat enabled.
NOTE: To disable nat you will need to change that option to Yes, use the public address.
If you make this change you should also change the lan dhcp lease time to 5 minutes
If you have a switch more computers can access the internet, the computers tcp/ip info will need to be entered manually. Computers connected this way will have nat enabled.
The modem blocks pings when its doing the pppoe

Using a router with the 2210 modem
Set the modem for Bridged mode (PPP is not used) or ppp is on the computer and set the router for PPPoE
The modem gui is still accessable in bridge mode the dhcp server is disabled so the computers tcp/ip info will need to be set manually
A direct connection to the modem is reqired
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
No other settings are needed
There are other ways to access the modem with a active PPPoE session while using a router use the faq's linked below:
Modem GUI access with a router [Modem in PPPoE mode]
How do I access the modem GUI thru a router [Modem in Bridge mode]

This is a list of 2210 modem factory default settings
The mode is PPP is on the modem
The username and password fields are blank (7.7.3r5 only)
[The modems log shows that the pppoe client is running 7.7.3r5]
The VPI/VCI pair is 0/35
The modem has a PVC search list it does not work (7.7.3r5 and 7.7.5r8)
The protocol is PPPoE
The MTU is 1492 and it can be changed
The ATM Encapsulation is LLC
The Connection Type is connect on demand with a 20 minute timeout
Connect on Demand: No internet requests during the timeout period PPPoE is disconnected, A internet request will trigger a PPPoE session
The other options are:
Smart Keep Alive: the ethernet link is the trigger, ethernet link up = PPPoE connected, ethernet link down = PPPoE disconnects
Always Attempt to Connect: modem will always attempt to maintain a PPPoE connection
The lan IP address is a private IP with a 24 hour lease and nat is enabled, the option is a public IP address lease time can be specified nat is disabled
The modems log will be cleared on every restart, the option is to make the log persistent
A restart is equal to a reboot
A reset clears all user made settings and puts settings at factory defaults

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