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Before you start, you need to get all the settings for your Comcast connection. To do this, go to start -> run. Type in cmd and press enter. This will bring up the command prompt. Type in ipconfig /all. Write down all the information, even though you wont be needing it all.

Now you have to attach the 327w properly.

E1 -> Should be connected to nothing (yet)
E2 -> Should be connected to computer.

Unplug the Ethernet Cable that goes to your Cable modem.

Your Comcast should turn off but you dont need that right now.

In your web browser go to

First you should reset the 327w to Factory Settings. To do this go to maintenance -> Backup/Restore.

From here, select the 3rd option, which is restore to factory settings.

Now your 327w will reset and then you will be prompted for an ID and password. Your old ID and password wont work so use:

•ID: admin
•pass: password

Now you will be prompted to connect a DSL line, but you dont want that yet so click cancel.

You will go to a screen which tells you to change you ID and password. Change it to whatever you want.

Now you will go to the home of Wirespeed Data Gateway.

As soon as you get there you will receive a pop up, telling you to create a new connection.

Name the connection: Comcast or whatever you want. Dont put anything ISP ID and ISP password.

Just press next from there until it says finish, when its done the pop-up will close

This is where you will be needing all that information!

So now go to Advanced LAN -> DNS

For the domain name put the Connection - specific DNS Suffix from the ipconfig /all that you ran earlier.

Then under "Static Host Assignment" Add

Now go to Advanced WAN. Under the drop down menu change from "DSL ATM Port" To "Ethernet Port 1"

Now on that same page click the edit button.

On the Drop down menu choose "Routed"

Under Router Settings:
DHCP Client should be disabled.

In the boxes, fill in whatever you wrote down from ipconfig /all.

After you are done filling out the boxes press set.

Now press edit again, this time enable DHCP client, and press set again.

Now you should be able to browse the web on your computer. You have just made the 327w a router for your Cable Modem.

Now you can go to Wireless -> Basic to edit your SSID

Wireless -> Security to set you WEP Key

Then on your other computer which is wirelessly enabled you can access you Cable.

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