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Wireless Forum FAQ
»Wireless Networking Forum FAQ

Some discussions

»Networking between buildings
»Is a WLC worth it?
»Configure Cisco 1811W to receive WI-FI
»how to properly do a wireless survey
»Block MAC Address on 3560 or 2960
»[Info] 1252 APs
»getting started with cisco
»[Info] Deploying wireless
»[H/W] Used cisco access point
»[H/W] Wireless recommendations with 802.1x VLAN Assignment
»Upgrading from 871w..Need suggestions for new router..

Sample Configurations

1. One integrated fixed AP/router with wired backbone network
»Cisco Forum FAQ »Wireless Router Sample Configuration

2. Three fixed AP as Wireless Backbone network for wired hosts
»Cisco Forum FAQ »Various sample configuration using Wireless as backbone network

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