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said by Microsoft :
Librariesnew in Windows 7make it easier to find, work with, and organize files scattered across your PC or network. A library makes it easy to search one placeno matter where files are actually stored. The result? You find things faster and can get more done.

Say you're assembling a family album from snapshots stashed on an external hard drive, your spouses PC, and your work laptop. In the past, hunting down specific shots would've been a chore. In Windows 7, you simply create a library, name it something (perhaps, "Family Photos"), and then tell Windows which far-flung folders your new library should include. Your photos are still physically located in three different spotsbut now they show up in a single window.

Windows 7 comes with libraries already created for documents, music, pictures, and videos. Youll find your files already sorted into these libraries. You can personalize these, or create your own, with just a few clicks. There's more. You can also quickly sort the things in your librariesfor example, documents by type, pictures by date taken, or music by genre. All this organization can extend to your whole family, since you can easily share libraries with people on a home network.

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