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  • Custom Recycle Bin Icon Won't Work
»Re: [WIN7] Recycle Bin

Seems Windows 7 won't refresh custom icons if they are .ico files. The problem was reported for beta and still does not work.

So here is what you do:

Go to Search Programs and type in regedit and then start it up by clicking on it.

Then find this key in your registry:




Second, the above key shows a comma and 0 after the example .ico files. Yours won't have the comma and 0 so you must add to make it look like the above values. So click on the reg entry (See picture below) right click it and the select modify. Now add the comma and zero then click Okay and when done exit regedit,

And that will fix the problem.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Just Change the custom recycle bin (both full & empty) icons file extension from .ico to .dll

    2014-04-03 00:59:10

  • PS: my email is and I'm Haris if there is something new. Cause i don't see any other way to come back to me. Thank you...

    2011-07-06 19:40:07

  • Hi, and thank you in advance for posting and trying to help. I've have done that, with the exception of the path to my custom recycle bin icon, being different, but with the ,0 after the .ico. And of course it is not working for me. Now i don't know if i am an exception, but the default recycle bins works, they refresh automatically. In the registry, the path takes me to imageres.dll for the default icons (recycle bins and the rest), but i cannot put my .ico in that .dll file. The way i see it, the only way to fix this, would be to actually being able to put the .ico file in the dll file, then go change it through "change icon" and follow the same path and choosing the new custom icon we'v put there. Then maybe the registry fix would help. What do you say... Oh and through my experiments, I realized that if i keep the custom recycle bin for the empty, and put my custom for the full (for exemple, or the contrary), it will refresh automatically when I empty the trash, but won t come back to my custom full icon if I throw the trash. In that case i need to refresh manually. And again, if i empty the trash, the icon refresh automatically to the default empty. So it might also have something to do with the size and dimensions of the file. For the record, my .ico icons are 66 ko for 128 x 128 for each, full and empty. I'm not sure if i am clear... but GOD all this is frustrating. Thanks anyway... take care...

    2011-07-06 19:38:40

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