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A Video Hub Office (VHO) is the regional location where all of your TV signals come from. There are two Super Head Ends (SHE) in the US - they feed all of the VHO's. Your regional VHO then serves the local Video Serving Office (VSO) that is in your neighborhood. From there, it goes to your home.

Your VHO number appears in your STB under Settings/System Info as a 4 digit field (e.g. 3305). Your VHO is the last two digits.

A DAC is grouping of VHOs that share a Digital Addressable Controller.Here is a Motorola whitepaper, which discusses the DAC 6000:»broadband.motorola.com/noflash/w···P_wp.pdf

11Carrolton, TX
13Pomona, CA
13APalm Springs, CA
34Silver Spring, MD
39Richmond, VA
39ANorfolk, VA
55Queens, NY
72Temple Terrace, FL
711Pittsburgh, PA
97Freehold, NJ
98Philadelphia, PA
1314Harrisburg, PA
1315Buffalo, NY
1315ASyracuse, NY
1315BAlbany, NY
176Burlington, MA
176AProvidence, RI
* = Sold to Frontier

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