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If your Actiontec or Westell router is primary, and you get an error message when using remote access to your DVR, then you may need to reset your router. This process rebuilds the port forwards needed for remote access and on-screen Caller ID to work. Since it configures the router from scratch, you should make notes of other configuration settings you want to put back in.
  • Pull mains power from your STBs and DVR.

  • Reset the router by holding the reset button in for at least 10 seconds.

  • Access the router via your hard wired computer and do all the basic setup, password, etc. Confirm you can connect to the internet.

  • Power the DVR up first and wait for it to boot. Turn it on, test Widgets. If good, proceed to power the next STB, wait for boot up and confirm Widget or On Demand access and repeat as needed for each STB.

  • Go back to the router, you should see port forward rules "FiOS TV Service" for the DVR and each STB. Remote DVR should now be able to find your box.

Note, use Internet Explorer the first time you login to remote DVR as to rule out any browser issues.

After you've made all the configuration changes to the router, consider saving the config file on your PC so you can reload it for a faster restore. Note, however, that as Verizon changes their DVR feature set, an old config file may not be sufficient for full functionality.

If that's the case, it brings you back to this method.

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