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You plan to implement specific features or technology using Cisco device, but unsure which IOS image version or which Cisco device you should use? Check out the following link and enter which features or technology you need to implement.

Cisco Feature Navigator

The same link can also be used to check if there is any later release of specific IOS platform.

Starting with the new line of routers and switches, there is no longer these kind of confusion since there is only one IOS image file to deal with which is a Universal IOS image file. A lot of features have been included in the basic IOS image, which cover most small and home user needs.

However for those who needs advanced services such as OSPF, BGP, EIGRP (part of Advanced IP Services) or IPSec (part of Advanced Security), note that you need advanced license in order to use. In this case, you may need the feature navigator to determine which license you need to have specific features you look for.

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